Veterinary Diagnostics

Sensa Core’s (Veterinary Diagnostics) Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzers are completely automatic Electrolyte/Blood Gas Systems that implement advanced ion-selective electrode measurement technology to directly measure the concentration of K, Na, Cl, Ca, Li, pH, HCO3, PCO2, TCO2, PO2 and Hct in blood serum, blood plasma, whole blood, and cerebrospinal fluid and dilute urine for cat, dog and other animals. These are top of the line clinical inspection equipment which is quick, accurate, convenient and practical. The Analyzer has seven basic analysis modes: Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Monkey, Mouse, Guinea Pig. Can add any other animals’ mode according to user needs. The unique Back and Forth double positioning technologies are used to minimize the test sample quantity. After conducting analysis to
specimens, the equipment will automatically flush, keeping the electrode standby in clean status. The equipment can be powered off at any time and greatly save reagent. It is suitable for Clinique. The machine is free in switching between English and other international language reports, meeting the requirements of different customers based on their geographical location. Species-specific reference ranges enable K, Na, Cl, Ca, Li, pH, HCO3, PCO2, TCO2, PO2 and Hct results to be compared to normal levels. The tabular comparison feature compares results taken over a period of time for the same animal, to assess if health is improving or deteriorating.