Lactate Meter

A lactate meter is a portable device that measures the value of the lactate in the whole blood. The determination of lactate value provides clear insights and functionality of the human circulatory system and also the movement of oxygen in the muscles and tissues. It is extensively used by sports athletes to monitor the oxygen levels in the muscles and also the lactate value in the tissues that are related to liver or hypoxia. Regular observation of the lactate value is important as it helps the trainer/doctors to monitor the adequacy of the workout/treatment. A controlled check on the lactate value can be done by healthcare professionals within seconds using Sensa Core’s Lacto spark which is India's first, next-generation, highly advanced ultra-low volume lactate measuring system can measure the lactate value in the blood within 5 seconds. Lacto Spark uses compatible test strips to determine the lactate value and it can efficiently analyze and can put forth the accurate values with ease. Moreover, this device requires only 0.5 µl of capillary blood and has a storage capacity of nearly 500 tests.