Hemoglobin Meter

Hemoglobin meters are used for measuring hemoglobin and hematocrit levels in the whole blood. Generally, Hemoglobin tests are done to know the RBC count, to analyze the severity of anaemia, hematocrit, and others. It is extensively used during blood donations or taking important decisions like blood transfusions. Hemoglobin meters are used to screen and diagnose diseases that might affect the red blood cells or to know the hemoglobin value in the blood. Monitoring the optimal hemoglobin levels is important to check the anaemic condition in children and in adults as anaemia can be a door for several other diseases in the human body. Regular monitoring of the Hemoglobin levels can be easily done through Hemo spark, a highly advanced Hemoglobin meter from Sensa Core. This digital hemoglobin meter has a large LCD display to see the virtual reading of the hemoglobin and a testing strip holder for placing the Hemoglobin testing strips. It comes with soft-touch keys that have auto-calibration support for the high performance of the Digital Hemoglobin Meter. It is easy to handle and provides fast & accurate results within 30 seconds. Moreover, It has a measuring capacity of 0-25.6gm/dL and has the maximum space for storing the Hemoglobin testing results. This Hemoglobin Meter provides the most precise results that are equivalent to laboratory analyzers and also have longer battery life.