Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Meters are often used by diabetic patients to monitor blood glucose levels constantly in order to stay healthy. Visiting labs 5-6 times a month is quite strenuous as well as expensive. To make it affordable, multiple models of Blood Glucose Meters came up with highly advanced features for testing the blood glucose levels in the body.  These Glucometers are reliable, easy to use, and available at affordable prices. In this regard, Sensa Core has achieved a milestone by developing the Gluco Spark, Gluco ScoreSafeSense, Gluco Stick and Gluco Tag Blood Glucose Measuring System which is code-free and one of the smartest products of this segment. Sensa Core’s Gluco Spark is virtually a pain-free device that provides the results within 5 seconds. It comes with a small and sleek design that fits within the palm of the hand and is easy and comfortable to carry. Along with a visually friendly display and sound indicators, Glucometer has a strip ejector for easy ejection of used test strips. Gluco Spark requires a sample volume of 0.5 µL to test the glucose levels and is equipped with decent memory storage capacity as well. All we need is just to insert the strip in the Gluco spark meter and place a small amount of pierced blood on the strip, In no time you can see the readings of the blood glucose levels. Gluco Spark comes with a single battery and can last up to 1000 tests. Test Strips of Gluco Spark are relatively affordable and easily available in the market. Results of Gluco Spark Glucose Test Strips comply with all advanced international standards. Moreover, Gluco Spark is the smartest and cost-effective production of the BGM segment from Sensa Core which uses advanced Biosensor Technology and has proven to be successful at all ambient temperature conditions which are used to test the blood glucose levels.