Blood Gas Analyzers

Sensa core offers a wide range of blood gas analyzers that are highly advanced with power pack features that are exclusively designed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories efficiently and effectively. With 14 years of rich experience and strong research and development team, we have emerged as a top player in manufacturing the finest blood gas analyzers of the new age with state of the art technology that delivers unparalleled analytical performance. The clever technology and unique features help in measuring a large number of parameters which ensures a high level of performance, accuracy and consistency that we can depend upon. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of the analyzers makes us stand ahead with the rest of the players and it has also helped us in becoming the trusted partner of a large number of hospitals, pathological laboratories, OEM and ODM clients as well as with the distributors of more than 60 countries around the globe. Overall the compact design patented features, and advanced technology makes it handle the workload of a critical care unit easily, And easy to use high definition colour screen, plug and play connectivity, bar code scanner and the onboard printer has given it the title of the most comprehensive analyzer of the generation.