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ST 200 CC Blood Gas Analyzer (ABGEM)
Product Description
Aspirate 1 sample and acquire 23 different results.
Blood Gas: pH, pCO2, pO2, Hct.
Electrolytes: Na, K, iCa, Li, pH, CL.
Metabolites: Glu, Lac.
Calculated Parameters: Hb, HCO3, BE, BE-B, BE-ECF, TCO2, AG, AG(K), O2Sat, O2Ct, SBC.


Sensa Core's ST 200 CC Blood Gas Analyzer with Glucometer and lactate meter is a one single reagent pact with all 16 combinations. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized laboratories by Inventing and developing the latest technology, Sensa Core’s Blood Gas Analyzer(Lactate and Glucometer) improves lab productivity while delivering sample results economically. It comes with multilingual support and 7 Inch high definition LCD with capacitive touch display.

All the results can be recalled by date, patient ID, Patient name, by parameter, etc. and having a sample storage capacity of 2,00,000+. This reagent gives excellent precision and reliability. for more details, write a mail to us at

Typical Features

OS :    Android. (WiFi enabled application up-gradable)
Parameters :    This functionality allows the change of analytes.
Sample type :    Whole blood, serum, plasma, CSF and diluted urine.
Sample Volume :    180 ┬ÁL
Reading Time :    90 Seconds.
Speed :    40 Samples/ hour
Storage :    2,00,000+
Conditioning :    Temparature: 5 - 40 Degrees C, <85% Moisture
Display :    7-inch high definition LCD with capacitive touch.
Print :    2 inch 24 column thermal printer.
Input Voltage :    110/115-V AC, 50-60 Hz or 220V AC, 5060 Hz, 0.75 amp
Dimensions :    15
Battery :    Optional support for 10 hours.
Principle :    Direct measurement with ion selective electrodes (ISE). Impedance (Hct) and Amperometry (pO2, GLU, LAC)
Weight :    8 KG