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Gluco Spark
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Sensa Core's Gluco Spark, an advanced glucometer provides accurate results in 5 sec and comes with No Coding. Gluco Spark is Easy to use and Easy to Afford.
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Gluco Spark is India's fist, next-generation, highly advanced ultra-low volume glucose monitoring system available at affordable prices. This glucometer works on advanced biosensor technology and uses only 0.5 microliter sample volumes and gives results in 5 sec.

Gluco Spark uses carbon electrodes to ensure precise results. Gluco Spark strips are manufactured with tight tolerance and do not require any coding. Sensa Core’s Biosensor Technology solves a number of immediate technical problems related to glucose strip by significantly enabling the sensitive and accurate performance of the glucose strip in a cost-effective way.

Typical Features

Glucose ranges :    20 - 800 mg/dL
Fill detection :    Automatic
Sample mode :    Capillary
Sample :    Whole blood
Sample volume :    0.5 ┬ÁL
Analysis time :    5 Seconds
Battery :    3v Lithium Battery (CR2032) Lasts for 1000 tests
Relative Humidity :    10-95% (Non Condensing)
Operating Temp. :    2-50 Degree Centigrade
Strips Storage Temp. :    0-50 Degree Centigrade
interference :    Minimal
Memory :    500 Readings
Shelf life of strips :    24 months (from manuf. date)
Battery :    CR2032, Lasts for 1000 tests
Display :    48 mm (diagonally) LCD