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ST 200 CC Blood Gas Analyzer (ABGEM)
Product Description
Aspirate 1 sample and acquire 26 different results
pH, pCO2, pO2, Hct, Glu, Lac
Na, K, iCa, Cl
SO2, Hb, nCa, HCO3, TCO2, SBC, O2Ct, pO2%
BE, BE_B, BE_ECF, AG, AG(K), A, AaDO2, a/A


The Sensa Core ST-200 CC® Blood Gas Analyzer-ABGEM is the most cost-effective solution designed to cater to the requirement of smaller & medium laboratories tasked with the challenge of performing fast-turnaround critical care tests.


The automated operation of ST-200 CC® Blood Gas Analyzer-ABGEM supports low-to-medium throughput with a user-friendly interface that’s ready to generate accurate results with minimum operator involvement.


Liquid buffers are combined with Calibrated Gases to create a compact reagent module containing multiple single-phase calibrants. All analyzer components 

ST-200 CC® Blood Gas Analyzer-ABGEM has been designed into user-friendly modules that can be easily accessible to the user.


Unlike the rest of the ABG analyzers, maintenance of Sensa Core’s ST-200 CC® Blood Gas Analyzer is limited to the replacement of Reagent Pack, Maintenance-Free Electrodes and Pump Tube which are just plug and play. Depending upon customer requirement ST-200 CC can be upgraded as well as downgraded to 16 different combinations.


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Typical Features

Sample Volume :    180 ┬ÁL
Sample Type :    Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, CSF & Diluted Urine
Parameters :    (pH, pCO2, pO2, Hct)(Glu, Lac)(Na, K, iCa, Cl)(SO2, Hb, nCa, HCO3, TCO2, SBC, O2Ct, pO2%, BE, BE_B, BE_ECF, AG, AG(K), A, AaDO2, a/A)
External Integration :    Barcode, Scanner, Mouse, Keypad (Any 2 at a Time) & LIS Integration (Serial Port)
Dimensions :    15
Weight :    8 Kg
Colour :    Pearl White
Pump Mechanism :    Long Lasting Comprehensive Lyte
Sample Storage :    200000+
Language/s :    94+ Languages
Auto Sampler :    Not Available
Principle :    Direct Measurement with ISE, Impedence (Hct) and Amperometry (pO2)
Parameter Combinations :    16 Combinations
Touch Screen :    Available (Capacitive Touch)
Operating System :    Android
External Battery :    Available (Optional)
Input Voltage :    110/115-V AC, 50-60 Hz or 220V AC, 50-60 Hz, 0.75 amp.
Print Result :    2 Inch 24 Column Thermal Printer
Operating Atmosphere :    Temperature: 5 - 40 Degrees C, <85% Moisture
Acquirable Results / Hour :    30 Results
Result Time :     2 Minutes
Sample Mechanism :    Semi Auto Sampling
Display :    7 inch