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Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd., is a premier alternative manufacturer of Reagents and consumables for Blood Gas, Hematology and Electrolyte worldwide.
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Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd., is a premier alternative manufacturer of Reagents and consumables for Blood Gas, Hematology and Electrolyte worldwide. Over Six years of experience within the in vitro diagnostics industry has enabled our staff to engineer a technologically advanced product line of replacement reagents, calibrators and quality controls with extensive instrument coverage and analyze breadth. As entire product line of us is manufactured in-house, we are uniquely engineered to address the technical questions, troubleshoots and inquiries of our customers. Our steadfast commitment to speed, service, and reliability, make us the trusted international choice of hospitals, clinical laboratories, and regional as well as national distributors worldwide. Through exceptionally competitive pricing arrangements, we can offer remarkable value to customers in search of quality-engineered consumables that deliver superior performance and reliability. Our Reagent / Consumables coverage presently encompasses over 20 different analyzers from prominent manufacturers such as:

Aviva Pack

Our Aviva Packs can be used for the following Electrolyte Analyzers

  • AVL/Starlyte 9120 Electrolyte Analyzers
  • AVL/Starlyte 9130 Electrolyte Analyzers
  • AVL/Starlyte 9140 Electrolyte Analyzers
  • AVL/Smartlyte 9180 Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Diamond/Starlyte 9120 Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Diamond/Starlyte 9130 Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Diamond/Starlyte 9140 Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Diamond/Gemlyte 9180 Electrolyte Analyzers


AVL 9180 is an electrolyte system that is widely used in various laboratories, health centers and medical sectors. This instrument can easily perform the electrolytic analysis of blood, urine, plasma and serum, accurate and quick results can be achieved through this. AVL 9180 is a microprocessor based product with automated operations. Our company offers Calibration Pack for AVL 9180 under the brand name of Aviva 9180 pack.

 Our Aviva pack for AVL 9180 can analyze the combination of Sodium, Potassium, Ionized Calcium, Lithium and Chloride effectively. We also offer Aviva Electrodes for use on AVL 9180, 9130, Starlyte etc for the measurement of Sodium, ionized Calcium, Potassium and Chloride. The Aviva packs and Aviva Electrodes for AVL 9180 manufactured by us are priced very economical.


Lyte Pack

Our Lyte Packs can be used for the following Electrolyte Analyzers

  • Medica Easylyte / Easylyte Plus Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Diamond Prolyte / Electrolyte Analyzers
  • Instrumentation Labs iLyte Electrolyte Analyzers

Sensa Core is one among the leading manufacturers of Electrodes and Reagents for different types of blood gas and electrolyte analyzers like Medica EasyLyte, Starlyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Diamond Prolyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Siemens 248/348 Electrolyte Analyzer and many more. Medica EasyLyte is an electrolyte analyzer used for measuring Sodium, Potassium, chloride, Lithium in blood, urine, serum and plasma.


The electrodes for Medica EasyLyte analyzers are designed based on the standards with customized materials that match the work efficiency of original Medica electrodes.

Lyte Na, K and Cl Electrodes and Lyte Packs(with & without RFID chip) are offered by us for the Medica EasyLyte analyzers. These Electrodes and Reagents are manufactured with complete attention of our workmenship. We also provide good technical service that will help the customers to sort out any inquiries regarding installation and maintenance of the electrodes. These electrodes manufactured for Medica EasyLyte analyzers have high performance and are completely durable. Customers can avail these electrodes from us in cost effective prices.


Calibrant Pack

Our Calibrant Packs can be used for the following Electrolyte / Blood Gas Analyzers

  • Seimens 248 Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Seimens 348 Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Ciba Corning 614 Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Ciba Corning 644 Electrolyte Analyzer

Sensa core, one among the well known manufacturers of medical and diagnostic instrumentation offers high quality consumables and electrodes for Seimens 248 Electrolyte Analyzer to various hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers in India. Seimens 248 Electrolyte Analyzer works on microprocessors and contains pH and PO2 and PCO2 electrodes for the detection of Blood Gas in Whole blood.


Our Reagents and Electrodes for Seimens 248 Electrolyte Analyzer can produce fast and reliable blood gas results. These electrodes can serve for a longer time and requires less maintenance. The electrodes for Seimens 248 Electrolyte Analyzer offered by us are specifically designed to suit the specifications and analysis of the device.

Seimens 248 Electrolyte Analyzer accepts the sample mode in syringes, syringes and micro module modes. These consumables and accessories are manufactured under strict considerations so as to deliver quality products to our clients. Our company is widely appreciated in the Indian markets for offering consumables for Seimens 248 Electrolyte Analyzer in high quality and in cost effective ranges.

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