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Sensa Core Featured Cover Page of CEO Magazine

Sensa Core Featured Cover Page of CEO Magazine

Sensacore founded in December 2006, is credited with introducing India’s first Electrolyte analyzer, indigenously designed, developed and manufactured in Hyderabad, India in 2010. Located in Export Promotion Industrial park, its world-class 40,000 Sq. ft R&D and the manufactured unit are built on beautifully landscaped 5 Acre campus. Since the introduction of ST-100/ST-200 Plus, Sensacore has introduced 15 different models to cater to varied requirements by different diagnostics and hospitals. Sensacore’s flagship Ion-Selective electrodes (ISE) technology is utilized by at least 20 different branded electrolyte analyzers. Today it has 7000 customer base in 32 countries around the world and growing at 80% annually.

Sensacore introduced no-coding Glucose meter under the brand GlucoSpark in 2016 and is the only Indian Manufacturer of Glucose strips registered with National Institute of Biologics and competes with 50 other Glucose meter players which are imported from USA, Europe, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

Sensacore introduced India’s first Blood Gas/electrolyte Analyzer ST-200CC in 2017, must-have equipment for every ICU (intensive care unit) in hospitals. The success of ST-200CC in years to come will put Sensacore on the global market Blood Gas Market like the most affordable Blood Gas analyzer currently dominated by American and European Behemoths.

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