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Chief Executive Officer of Sensa Core Featured in Top 50 Torch Bearers of Healthcare by Medgate Magazine

Chief Executive Officer of Sensa Core Featured in Top 50 Torch Bearers of Healthcare by Medgate Magazine

Medgate Today Magazine has announced The Top 50 Torchbearer of Healthcare.
Medgate has stated that "Asia’s healthcare market has continued its growth with a group of leaders and their companies standing out for their demonstrated operational expertise at innovation."

Medgate has also felt that "In a challenging time for the healthcare sector across the board, these health hero’s have made a substantial impact. Not only have they fostered productive and dynamic workplaces, they have also stood at the forefront of cutting-edge technological development. As the industry braces to face new and existing challenges, which have only been exacerbated by the global pandemic, the strategic decision-making of these Leaders helps to solidify their companies as leaders in India and beyond. Please have an insight and in recognizing the achievements of The Top 50 Torch Bearers of Healthcare."

Dr. Ravi Kumar Meruva

Company : Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.

Designation : Founder & C.E.O.

Location : Telangana

We are India’s fastest growing In-vitro Diagnostic company manufacturing and delivering a wide range of analytical and diagnostic analyzers, Point of Care Devices, Reagents & Consumables that are at par with global standards. We manufacture products with state of the art technology which is supplied to a large number of hospitals, pathological labs and patients ensuring the highest quality and reliability. On the other hand, we have a strong research and development team with the vision of delivering the best of the best. Furthermore, we are equipped with a highly experienced contract manufacturing division that designs, develops and manufactures customized products with highly advanced technology for many leading health care & diagnostic brands.


Medgate Today interviews Dr. Ravi K Meruva Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Ravi Kumar Meruva in an Exclusive Interview to Medgate Today

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