Assistant Manager - PPC

Job qualification and Skills :

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant stream.
  • With a minimum of 8-10 years of experience in PPC of a manufacturing company.
  • Decent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in MS Office.
  • Proficiency in ERP (Material Management Modules)

Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for the production on the shop floor with optimum utilization of resources to bring about maximum productivity minimum rejection.
  • Manage production planning and scheduling of material flow to meet production schedules and customer requirements.
  • Responsible for providing Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to Purchase Department.
  • To ensure good quality of Master data in SAP & perform regular maintenance for the same.
  • Plan effective utilisation of available Plant Capacity.
  • Monitor daily Plan Vs Actual Deliveries & contingency planning in case of delays or unforeseen requirement     
  •                  Assistant Manager - PPC
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